24 Oct – 22 Nov

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Your Re­la­tion­ship

Deep down you know you can’t change other peo­ple, but make this your golden rule. The more you ac­cept your other half, the stronger the bond be­comes. The week­end of the 11th and 12th is pos­si­bly your hottest ro­man­tic date of the year. Don’t waste it.

New Love

Love planet Venus lights up your sign from the 7th, and your mag­netic pow­ers are on full beam. Be­fore you head off to pas­tures new, tidy up any loose ends – that is, don’t leave some­one hang­ing. Se­crets are an in­te­gral part of this month’s astrol­ogy, but don't be the one who holds back. New love is firmly beck­on­ing, but only if you close the door on your past.

Ca­reer and Money

Money can be han­dled dif­fer­ently by learn­ing from past mis­takes. Ne­go­ti­ate fast and well be­cause next month’s ret­ro­grade phase doesn't au­gur well. When it comes to work, you’re hap­pi­est if you’re work­ing free­lance or part-time. With Jupiter on your side, be­lieve that free­dom and suc­cess can go hand-in-hand.

Be­ing True to You

Events un­fold­ing are piv­otal to your life jour­ney, and de­signed to make a last­ing im­pres­sion. Em­brace life and those who mat­ter in that all-or-noth­ing way you do so well.

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