I sus­pect my boy is be­ing bul­lied

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Dear Miss Crime­buster

M y son has just started se­nior school, but has had a few up­sets. This is un­der­stand­able, as it’s a huge change. But I have a gut feel­ing that bul­ly­ing’s go­ing on, and he’s too scared to tell me. He seems to be tak­ing too much of his pocket money into school. Tanya, 35, Hull

Dear Tanya

Have a quiet word with his form teacher. All schools should have poli­cies on bul­ly­ing. The boy re­spon­si­ble is about to get in big­ger trouble, and your son will no longer be his fo­cus. Your boy is sen­si­tive, but more re­silient than you think. He will be­come a leader, not a fol­lower in life.

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