Stay­ing the course

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Stay­ing de­ter­mined is vi­tal, that way the road to suc­cess is yours. When temp­ta­tion beck­ons, re­mem­ber your in­ten­tions. Con­di­tion your­self to hear a lit­tle voice whis­per­ing in your ear: ‘Don’t eat that bag of crisps’, ‘Take the stairs and not the lift ’ or ‘Have a herb tea in­stead of hot cho­co­late’. The last thing you’ll then want is to dis­rupt what you have done. Stay away from su­gar, it low­ers your vi­bra­tion and what you need now are healthy, fresh foods to keep it high. Keep your men­tal and spir­i­tual pro­cesses as clear as you pos­si­bly can. Carry on be­ing kind to your­self. Try to keep your new mind­ful slim­ming ap­proach to your­self as some peo­ple can be un­gen­er­ously scorn­ful.

Refuse temp­ta­tion: Be healthy

Say no… To junk!

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