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on­grat­u­la­tions, you’re on the right path. Keep up the pos­i­tive at­ti­tude and sur­round your­self with like-minded peo­ple. Spir­i­tu­ally aware peo­ple are wowed by the Uni­verse. If you can see the big­ger pic­ture, then you can brush off things like a row, which knocks most peo­ple off bal­ance, keep­ing you grounded. Read more Mind Body and Spirit l books to un­lock your grow­ing po­ten­tial. They will also give you ways to re­main bal­anced in an un­cer­tain world. Ask your­self the big ques­tions: ‘Why are l we here?’ ‘How was the Uni­verse cre­ated?’ Think about your place in the Uni­verse. What’s the big­ger pic­ture of your life? Read about the plan­ets. When you learn there’s l and no oxy­gen on Jupiter Pluto has no light, you re­alise it’s a mir­a­cle we Reg­u­larly ex­ist on Earth. l get out into the coun­try­side or a park, and marvel and the beauty at nature of wild an­i­mals. Con­nect to the en­ergy of cre­ation.

Psy­chic IQ­boost tip: See the big­ger pic­ture

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