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ow, you have a high psy­chic IQ – and you spread the light. But don’t for­get to have fun. Re­mem­ber, all work and no play makes you a dull soul. l If you feel over­whelmed by the world’s cru­elty, re­mem­ber that ev­ery small ac­tion counts – vol­un­teer, sign that e-pe­ti­tion, support that char­ity. This planet needs more peo­ple like you. Fo­cus on your soul’s pur­pose. Write down l the things you en­joy. Fol­low the train of thought that jumps out. If you’re stuck in your life, this ex­er­cise helps you to get back on track. Read books, go to work­shops and watch l TV shows that in­ter­est you. Keep de­vel­op­ing your psy­chic knowl­edge and power so that you can con­tinue help­ing oth­ers and the planet we live on. Ask the Uni­verse to man­i­fest pos­i­tive change l what and see un­folds. Prac­tise ‘trust’ and step­ping into the flow.

Psy­chic IQ­boost tip: Keep on track

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