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Chave­nage manor, around eight miles south of Stroud, is a favourite venue for film crews and has fea­tured in Drac­ula, Cider with Rosie and Tess of the Dõurbervilles. But it has a sin­is­ter side; peo­ple have seen a ghostly coach with a head­less driver. Dur­ing the Civil War, Chave­nage was owned by MP Nathaniel Stephens, who was re­luc­tant to agree to the be­head­ing of Charles I, but Cromwell’s crony, Gen­eral Henry Ire­ton man­aged to per­suade him. When his daugh­ter Abi­gail heard, she cursed him. He was taken ill and never rose again… At his fu­neral, a spec­tral hearse drew up, driven by a head­less man. The ghost of Stephens got into the coach. His guilty soul still haunts his for­mer home.

Ed­ward II: Killed with a red-hot poker!

Dark horse: Head­less driver

Haunted home: Dare you visit?

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