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Nether Lyp­i­att is great for hik­ing or horse rid­ing, but stay away from this beauty spot, four miles out of Stroud, at mid­night on 25 Jan­uary. On this date, the iron gates of Nether Lyp­i­att Manor fly open and the ghost of the black­smith who made the gates rides through on a huge white stal­lion. The air is filled with moans as the spec­tre re­calls his cruel fate. In 1704, he was con­victed of mur­der by no­to­ri­ous Judge Coxe, who owned the Manor. The judge said he could go free if he made him some flaw­less gates. After months of stress­ful toil, the gates were fit­ted, but the judge had been play­ing a game. He found a triv­ial fault and on 25 Jan­uary 1705, had him hanged. The Manor is also haunted by the judge’s son, who com­mit­ted sui­cide.

Scary stal­lion: Ride away!

Gate­crasher: Plan your trip

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