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R ead­ing about the After­life can be com­fort­ing, help­ing you un­der­stand that death is just a tran­si­tional stage, and not the end. It may help you ap­pre­ci­ate the dif­fer­ent planes of ex­is­tence, so that per­haps you can con­nect with your loved one through a lu­cid dream, med­i­ta­tion or prayer. Bob Ol­son, the brains be­hind ‘The Grief And Belief Con­nec­tion’, claims, ‘Learn­ing about life after death helps us heal with greater hope, com­fort and peace.’ He says that spir­i­tual in­sight about life after death won’t take away the grief you feel, but it will re­place some of the neg­a­tive emo­tions – such as fear and hope­less­ness – with pos­i­tive emo­tions, which can help bring you peace.

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