It’s a choice of eat or breathe!

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Dear Jayda M y boyfriend is a mouth breather. He strug­gles to breathe when eat­ing. Peace, 30, Stoke New­ing­ton

Dear Peace

In­hal­ing through the mouth, even when asleep, causes a dry mouth and of­ten gum dis­ease. Other symp­toms in­clude snor­ing, bad breath and fa­tigue. In chil­dren, it can cause crooked teeth, change the shape of the face and even lead to prob­lems con­cen­trat­ing. He needs to get checked out. His GP will try to work out what’s block­ing the smooth pas­sage of air and might re­fer him to a spe­cial­ist. If it’s an al­lergy block­ing his nose, a saline nasal spray might clear it.

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