He’s such a bossy lit­tle dog!

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O ur cocker spaniel Sweep dominates our other dog Missy who we got at the same time. He’s jeal­ous of any at­ten­tion Missy gets, and al­ways takes her things. Jo, 37, Up­min­ster Dear Jo Dogs are pack an­i­mals, and it’s nor­mal for one dog to be the al­pha an­i­mal. Sweep’s red in his aura shows his strong will, but yel­low re­veals his fears of los­ing con­trol. To help, you need to re­in­force his po­si­tion by not chastis­ing him for re­in­forc­ing his dom­i­nance. Only step in if he’s ag­gres­sive.

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