24 Aug – 23 Sept

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Your Re­la­tion­ship

If your other half is ques­tion­ing your pri­or­i­ties, use such a mo­ment to ex­plain why some­thing’s so im­por­tant to you. Be al­low­ing in re­turn – even if you don’t un­der­stand! Pos­i­tive turn­arounds and ro­man­tic mo­ments of the mushy kind come in abun­dance on the 22nd.

New Love

You’re the word­smith of the Zo­diac, but once your ruler Mer­cury is re­placed by Venus in your Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Sec­tor on the 7th, you find it dif­fi­cult to talk your way in or out of love. Fo­cus on your in­tu­ition. Touch and af­fec­tion are as im­por­tant as a meet­ing of minds. Give your­self up to ro­mance and dis­cover a whole new level of in­ti­macy.

Ca­reer and Money

You may have to make some tough de­ci­sions about fi­nances this month, es­pe­cially if there are un­ex­pected ex­penses. If you have more money go­ing out than com­ing in, be bru­tal with any cuts you can make around the 19th. Don't de­spair, as support is at hand now. Work’s qui­eter than usual, which fits in with your plans.

Be­ing True to You

You’re a stick­ler for de­tail but don't let your clever brain fix­ate on what could go wrong. Events around the 5th will show you how to make a con­scious shift to pos­i­tive think­ing.

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