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Chat It's Fate - - Mental Powers -

1What’s the first thing you think about when wak­ing up? A How fan­tas­tic the day’s go­ing to be. B What’s for break­fast. C My dream from the night be­fore.

2Do you ever feel at one with nature? A Yes, es­pe­cially when the birds are singing. B Yes, and I think there should be more pro­tec­tion for the coun­try­side. C No, I’m more of a city girl.

3Do you worry about an­i­mal wel­fare? A Yes, I’m veg­e­tar­ian or ve­gan and give do­na­tions to an­i­mal char­i­ties. B Yes, I al­ways try to buy cru­elty-free cos­met­ics. C No, they’re just an­i­mals.

4Do you pray or med­i­tate? A No way, it’s so old­fash­ioned. B Ev­ery day, no mat­ter where I am or what I’m do­ing. C I don’t man­age a daily med­i­ta­tion – but I do set aside the odd five min­utes here and there.

5Do you be­lieve hon­esty is al­ways the best pol­icy? A Yes, lies only cause prob­lems later on. B No, a lit­tle lie never hurt any­one. C Yes, I try not to lie.

6Is there a be­ing or cre­ative power greater than you? A Yes, my boss! B I’d like to think so, but I re­ally can’t de­cide be­tween the big bang the­ory put for­ward by sci­en­tists or the idea of an al­l­know­ing en­ergy that cre­ated the Uni­verse. C Yes, ab­so­lutely. I feel truly blessed to have been given the spark of life.

Lit­tle lies: Not so bad?

Furry friend: Woof!

Good morn­ing: Break­fast time

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