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If you've ever ex­am­ined a food la­bel, wor­ried about the chem­i­cals in your face cream or ques­tioned the en­vi­ron­men­tal im­pact of your wash­ing up liq­uid - then, chances are, you will find plenty to in­ter­est you in a spe­cial­ist health store. Health stores are more than places to buy your bran and vi­ta­mins, they have a wealth of knowl­edge on all things nat­u­ral. eth­i­cal and en­vi­ron­men­tal. Dis­cover the dif­fer­ence be­tween, and con­sid­er­able ben­e­fits of, shop­ping in in­de­pen­dent health stores rather than mass-mar­ket out­lets. With thou­sands of dif­fer­ent nat­u­ral prod­ucts to choose from, health

scores are a one-stop shop for ev­ery­thing nat­u­ral, eth­i­cal and en­vi­ron­men­tal: whole­foods. or­gan­ics. raw foods, al­lergy-free foods, vi­ta­mins. min­er­als, herbs, amino acids, sports nu­tri­tion• es­sen­tial fatty acids, cru­elty-free body­care. en­vi­ron­men­tal-friendly house­hold clean­ers, re­cy­cled pa­per prod­ucts • some even stock eco-paints. or­ganic cloth­ing and veg­e­tar­ian pet foods. Health stores have staff who are qual­i­fied and/or ex­pe­ri­enced in help­ing with a wide range of health con­di­tions in­clud­ing Acne.Al­ler­gies. Chil­dren's Health. Diges­tion. En­ergy. Fa­tigue, Halt. Skin & Nails. Heart Health. Joint Mo­bil­ity. Mood. Menopause. Men's Health. Mouth

Ul­cers. PMS, Sleep Dis­or­ders, Sports Per­for­mance, Uri­nary Health,Weight Con­trotWomen's Health & much more. Don't be em­bar­rassed to talk about any health con­cern. they've heard it all be­fore - and helped! Health food stores come in all shapes and sizes — that's the beauty of in­de­pen­dent shops. they are quirky. pas­sion­ate and In­di­vid­ual. A huge im­prove­ment on the clone high street chains. There are more than 1000 in­de­pen­dent health stores across the UK. to find your near­est. visit our stock­ist lo­ca­tor at find­a­health­

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