Mind how you go!

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Your body and mind are in­ter­con­nected. You must be clear in your in­ten­tions and tell the Uni­verse what you want your body to look like. But it’s no good just rat­tling off ‘I want a body like Kylie Minogue’ and ex­pect it to hap­pen. First you must pre­pare. Turn off the phone, put a note say­ing ‘do not dis­turb’ on the door and then put your body in a comfy po­si­tion. Play calm­ing mu­sic on to stop your mind whirring. them to But don’t try to block out thoughts, just al­low clear come and to go. Un­der­neath all of this is your de­sire to lose weight. Your in­ten­tion is clear. Think pos­i­tively and should a neg­a­tive thought slowly crept in, just al­low it to leave again. Now you are be­ing mind­ful.

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