Guarded... by King Arthur’s dog

There wasn’t just one spooky en­tity in our house... Wayne Tear, 47, from Lin­coln

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Glanc­ing at the door lead­ing to the gar­den, I stared in shock. Through the glass, I could make out two huge black ears, like a gi­gan­tic wolf’s.

‘Dad!’ I screamed, be­fore bolt­ing into the lounge where my mum and dad Linda and Bob were watch­ing TV.

‘There’s a wolf in the gar­den,’ I sobbed in ter­ror. ‘It was look­ing at me!’ Dad took my hand. Gen­tly lead­ing me to the door, he opened it.

‘See, there’s noth­ing there,’ he soothed, show­ing me the empty gar­den.

But al­though I was just 6 years old, I knew what I’d seen.

Cloaked fig­ure

A huge, wolf-like crea­ture had been peer­ing at me.

And the mon­strous wolf wasn’t the only spooky en­tity at our ter­raced house…

One day, I was down­stairs when my brother Ja­son, then 3, started scream­ing. I ran up­stairs with Mum and Dad.

Ja­son was in my bed­room, be­side him­self with fear.

‘Man, man,’ he gar­bled over and over.

When I lay in bed that night, a dark shadow in the shape of a fig­ure floated in from be­hind the door. It grew big­ger and big­ger. Pet­ri­fied, I dived un­der the cov­ers. Was it the shadow that Ja­son had seen..?

Then one night I was in bed when an­other fig­ure ap­peared in my door­way.

About 4ft tall, he was dressed in a dark brown cloak like a monk’s. Al­though his face was in shadow, I could feel him star­ing at me.

Heart thump­ing, I pulled the cov­ers over my head.

But when I peeped out, the fig­ure was still there.

Terrified, I dived back un­der the blan­kets and fell into an un­easy sleep.

Over the years, I saw the spooky, tiny, cloaked fig­ure sev­eral times.

When we grew up, Ja­son, my other brother Si­mon and I re­alised we were psy­chic. So in 1995, I be­came a medium.


Ten years later, I started hold­ing my own cir­cles. A silent, cloaked fig­ure would al­ways ap­pear – my gate­keeper, pro­tect­ing me by stop­ping evil en­ti­ties com­ing in. Then one day I was med­i­tat­ing when I floated out of my body, was taken back in time to when I was a child. I was in bed, my gaze fixed on the door where that small, cloaked fig­ure was stand­ing. Ev­ery­thing fell into place. The cloaked spirit was the

A dark shadow floated in from be­hind the door

same one who was now my gate­keeper. He was with me then, too, pro­tect­ing me from the ghoul in the house.

Then one day, in 2006, I woke up with a headache.

Think­ing it would go off, I took painkillers.

But the pain slowly got worse, as if a fist was crush­ing my skull.

I felt con­stantly sick, drained, ex­hausted.

I was plagued by bad luck. My car kept break­ing down, clients wouldn’t turn up for ap­point­ments. Soon after, I was driv­ing to a house clear­ance when a pass­ing lorry’s tyre burst. The tyre hur­tled to­wards me, smash­ing my car bon­net. Luck­ily, I was un­hurt. But just a few inches higher and it would have come through the wind­screen. I could have been badly hurt, or worse…


I be­came neg­a­tive, de­spon­dent. But I was usu­ally an up­beat, per­son. One evening, I went to visit Ja­son. ‘You’ve got a spirit at­tached to you,’ he said. Tun­ing in to the spirit world, I saw a woman with dark, curly hair. Her features twisted in spite. ‘Why are you here?’ I asked. ‘To teach you a les­son,’ she spat. With a shud­der, I re­alised I’d been cursed. The nasty spirit was a man­i­fes­ta­tion of the evil en­ergy di­rected at me. I didn’t know if it was a voodoo-type hex by a black witch, or some­one who had just wished me ill. I had to get rid of it. So, I be­gan a cleans­ing rit­ual. The en­tity fought hard, but I fi­nally man­aged to ban­ish her. I sighed with re­lief as warmth flooded through me.

My hero

I was soon back to my nor­mal self. All the bad luck melted away, and I felt well.

Not long af­ter­wards, I was sit­ting on the floor med­i­tat­ing when a tall, fair-haired man wear­ing a cloak ap­peared.

His en­ergy was pure and clear, he ra­di­ated white light.

We talked about my spir­i­tual work. ‘I’m King Arthur,’ he said. As I stared in amaze­ment at the hero, he smiled.

‘I’m go­ing to leave you with a gift,’ he said.

A huge, wolf-like black dog the size of a pony ap­peared.

It stared at me with its dark brown eyes as it cir­cled me. Then it sat down be­hind me.

King Arthur dis­ap­peared, but the dog stayed with me.

A gate­keeper

After, I could al­ways feel his strong, pro­tec­tive pres­ence. King Arthur had given him to me so I wasn’t at­tacked again. A cou­ple of years later, I floated out of my body, was taken back to when I saw the wolf’s ears be­hind the door. Then the penny dropped – the an­i­mal that scared me had been the dog! Like my gate­keeper, the dog must have been pro­tect­ing me from the nasty en­tity in the house. Then years later, he was sent back to stop me be­ing cursed again. I never found out who hexed me. But thanks to my dog, no curse will hurt me again. The dog and my gate­keeper guard me from evil. My child­hood pro­tec­tion team is back to watch over me.

I could feel him star­ing at me King Arthur gave me a dog for pro­tec­tion My pro­tec­tion team is watch­ing over me

My fam­ily: Helped me

Psy­chic broth­ers: Saw spooks

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