Killing field es­cape

I was even scar­ing my­self Tina Roblett, 39, from Steve­nage, Hert­ford­shire

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James and I are now hap­pily mar­ried!

Ifelt the anger rage in­side of me as I screamed at my hus­band James.

‘I can’t stand you and I want you out my life!’ I shouted at him. Why? James had no idea. And I was even scar­ing my­self. Shak­ing, I took a minute to lis­ten to my­self and I was shocked.

Hor­ri­ble words had come out of my mouth.

This isn’t like me at all, I thought.

Spirit re­lease

I loved James, 38. We’d mar­ried a year ear­lier, hav­ing been to­gether for 19 years.

But then a boil­ing anger had ap­peared and I was tak­ing it out on James.

I needed help and I knew who to con­tact – a spirit re­lease ther­a­pist called Tina Lee-ure.

Twelve years ear­lier, I’d been in touch with her after suf­fer­ing dizzy spells and panic at­tacks.

My GP hadn’t been able to di­ag­nose what was wrong with me.

Soon af­ter­wards, I was reading a reiki mag­a­zine and came across a fea­ture about spirit-re­lease ther­apy, or SRT writ­ten by Tina.

It ex­plained how spir­its could at­tach to your aura and take over your emo­tions.

Not a full­blown posses­sion but close!

Could this be hap­pen­ing to me?


I was scep­ti­cal but des­per­ate.

So I rang Tina and booked a ses­sion. She scanned me re­motely, did the clear­ing and I felt in­stantly bet­ter. The ris­ing panic, the con­stant dizzi­ness. All gone. After, Tina sent me a re­port of what she had found. Aura The spirit of an elderly gen­tle­man had at­tached to my aura. He was an al­co­holic, which was why I’d been dizzy, and he didn’t know he was dead, but she moved him over to the light. Tina be­lieved he’d col­lapsed on the way home from the pub. He prob­a­bly died of hy­pother­mia and had failed to pass over. ‘What?’ I gasped, reading Tina’s words. But it made sense. At the time, I was a bingedrinker and suf­fered black­outs. My abuse of al­co­hol meant I was open to spirit at­tach­ment and at­trac­tive to him. But now he’d been re­leased to pass over.

We were both free.

I’d gone from be­ing a scep­tic to a full-blown be­liever. Lost Years passed. Life moved on. I set­tled and be­came happy. And while I never for­got my spirit-re­lease ther­apy, I thought it’d been a once-in-al­ife­time ex­pe­ri­ence.

Now, this sud­den rage at lov­ing James.

Could I have an­other spirit?

I dug out Tina’s con­tact de­tails and made an

ap­point­ment. She tuned into my en­ergy over the phone. Sure enough, an­other lost soul had clung on to me. ‘There’s a spirit at­tach­ment in your sacral area, your stom­ach,’ she said. ‘The spirit is a mid­dle-aged woman. She lived in the 1800s and was a farm worker with two chil­dren.’ Then Tina said: ‘I can see an army, the woman and the rest of the vil­lage are run­ning across a field try­ing to es­cape. She is des­per­ate to pro­tect her two chil­dren, but the whole vil­lage is slaugh­tered.’

Tina ex­plained that the woman didn’t know she was dead and was wan­der­ing the empty waste­land look­ing at the dead bod­ies in the field.

Then her trau­matic ex­pe­ri­ence started again, her run­ning across the field and dy­ing, not mov­ing on – she was stuck in a loop.

Mind’s eye

As Tina was speak­ing, I could feel the spirit’s panic ris­ing in my body.

I could also see her ex­pe­ri­ence in my mind’s eye, like watch­ing a film. I knew that th­ese emo­tions weren’t mine but they were still pow­er­ful. The woman’s sad­ness and con­fu­sion was over­whelm­ing. Tina told the spirit that she wasn’t dead and in­vited her an­ces­tors to help her move into the light. The woman moved on, as did some of the other lost souls from the same killing field. When the ther­a­pist re­leased the spirit, all the anger that had been burn­ing away in­side of me dis­ap­peared.

Peace at last

I felt calm again, the black cloud had been lifted and my mind felt clear. ‘Why did this hap­pen to me twice?’ I asked Tina. She couldn’t say for sure, but it could be due to stress. Back home, I made amends with James. We’ve been hap­pily mar­ried again ever since. I’m so grate­ful to Tina. She saved my mar­riage and made me feel like my­self again. Plus set two lost souls free to find peace at last.

The woman at­tached to me I could feel the spirit’s panic ris­ing in my body Tina made me feel like my­self again

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