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There was some­thing very special about Mum Lynn Mor­ris, 51, from Al­ton, Hamp­shire

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Heaven on Earth

My mum, Wyn, loved hear­ing about my work with an­gels. So when I qual­i­fied as an an­gelic reiki mas­ter, she couldn’t have been more proud.

‘I’m hold­ing my first an­gelic reiki work­shop,’ I told her ex­cit­edly.

‘That’s won­der­ful,’ Mum beamed.

A call

The work­shop at my home, in July 2011, lasted all week­end. Dur­ing the fi­nal med­i­ta­tion, the phone rang.

As soon as I picked it up, I could sense the panic in my dad Lau­rence’s voice.

‘Your mum’s re­ally ill,’ he told me.

Anx­i­ety ris­ing, I phoned an am­bu­lance.

Then I fin­ished the work­shop, rushed to the hos­pi­tal.

Bad news

Mum, 80, was suf­fer­ing from acute pan­cre­ati­tis. I sat by Mum’s bed­side in In­ten­sive Care. ‘Is she go­ing to die?’ I asked my guardian an­gel Eg­we­lio. A num­ber – four – ap­peared in my head. Im­me­di­ately, I knew Mum had just four days left to live. I was heart­bro­ken. But I was de­ter­mined to cher­ish ev­ery pre­cious minute we had left. ‘Don’t be afraid. The an­gels will take care of you,’ I told her as she drifted in and out of con­scious­ness. Just as Eg­we­lio had said, after four days I knew the end was near. I felt an­gels gath­er­ing in the room...

Kept safe

‘Please give me a sign you’ll keep her safe,’ I prayed to Ar­changel Azrael, who helps souls to pass. ‘Of course,’ he whis­pered. As Mum took her last breath, a rain­bow orb, which I knew was Ar­changel Azrael, hov­ered above her fore­head.

Then, as she passed away, a small bright light, her soul, ap­peared. The two lights merged be­fore van­ish­ing.

Ar­changel Azrael had an­swered my prayer.

‘Thank you,’ I whis­pered through my tears.


At Mum’s fu­neral, the pri­est told mourn­ers that self­less, car­ing Mum had al­ways put oth­ers first.

‘She was an Earth An­gel,’ he said.

A few days later, I was med­i­tat­ing. I asked Eg­we­lio why Mum had cho­sen to pass away just after I’d held my first an­gelic reiki work­shop.

‘She wanted you to be able to de­vote more time to your work with the an­gels,’ he told me as I looked into his bright blue eyes. ‘She knew it was your life’s pur­pose.’

I miss my beloved mum so much. But she’s still here in my heart and I know we’ll be to­gether again one day.

Mum truly was an Earth An­gel. And now she’s with the rest of the an­gels in Heaven.

As Mum took her last breath, a rain­bow orb ap­peared I asked the an­gels for guid­ance Wyn loved my fam­ily

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