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he gi­ant Etcha-sketch-like pat­terns in the sky are made by wa­ter vapour left by aero­planes. They’re called con­den­sa­tion trails – or con­trails. But some folk think they’re trails of deadly chem­i­cals – or chem­trails – dumped by evil world gov­ern­ments try­ing to con­trol the weather, the pop­u­la­tion and food sup­plies. Th­ese chem­trail con­spir­acists be­lieve covert geo­engi­neer­ing is an at­tempt to lessen global warm­ing by cre­at­ing a shield of sul­phate that kills peo­ple and plants. They ar­gue that con­trails should just dis­ap­pear, de­spite the En­vi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency stat­ing that trails left by jets can safely stay in the sky for hours. They are only made from ice par­ti­cles, says the EPA, not poi­sons. Con or chem? Five per cent of Amer­i­cans think the lat­ter…


Are the trails part of ahugepeo­ple purge?

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