Heav­enly helpers:

We could all use some an­gelic as­sis­tance at times

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Three read­ers were aided by an­gels

I was gut­ted to lose my emer­ald

L ying in the bath, I sighed hap­pily. I’d spent all day clean­ing so I was re­ally en­joy­ing a long, re­lax­ing soak. I got out of the tub, dried my­self. But when I glanced down at the beau­ti­ful emer­ald and di­a­mond ring on my fin­ger, I gasped in hor­ror. The emer­ald wasn’t there.

My hus­band Dan, an an­tique dealer, had given me the ring in April 2017, just three months be­fore. It was worth over £2,000.

‘What’s he go­ing to say?’ I fret­ted.

Plea for help

There was only one thing for it. I did what I al­ways did when I needed help – I called on the an­gels.

‘Please help me find the emer­ald,’ I begged.

I looked high and low. Four hours of fran­tic search­ing later, I'd run out of places to look and there was still no sign of the lost jewel.

‘It must have gone down the plug­hole when I emp­tied the bath,’ I sobbed.

I plucked up the courage to ring Dan. Tears stream­ing down my cheeks, I gulp­ingly told him what had hap­pened.

‘Don’t worry, it’s done now,’ he said kindly.

But I was still dev­as­tated about los­ing the pre­cious stone.


Al­though I knew it was a long shot, I de­cided to trace the steps I’d taken when I’d walked our dogs Becks and Agnes that morn­ing.

As I was putting on my train­ers, some­thing made me glance at the wash­ing ma­chine. It was on a wash cy­cle - and there, stuck in­side the win­dow, was my emer­ald! It must have come out when I’d put the sheets in the ma­chine ear­lier.

I’d only got a cou­ple of min­utes be­fore the water drained from the washer, tak­ing the emer­ald with it.

In the nick of time I turned the washer off, man­aged to prise it open and re­trieve the jewel.

Now I’ve had the emer­ald put back in the ring. But if I hadn’t spot­ted it when I did, it would have drained away with the dirty water.

It was di­vine in­ter­ven­tion. I know the an­gels made me look at the washer just in time to get my emer­ald back.

I’ve got the world’s best guardian an­gel!

Nick of time: Wash cy­cle

Bro­ken ring: De­tached

Cheryl Parker, 46, from Barns­ley, York­shire

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