Tor­mented by my heal­ing crys­tal

My lovely heal­ing crys­tal tried to hurt me! Sarah Curry, 46, from Marl­bor­ough, Wilt­shire

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hy don’t you pop round later? texted my dad Bob. I’ve got a present for you.

My mum, Judy, and Dad only live 10 min­utes away from me, so af­ter do­ing the school run I dropped round for a cof­fee.

‘I bought this crys­tal for you,’ Dad said proudly, hand­ing me a large white se­len­ite wand.

‘Thanks, Dad, that’s re­ally thought­ful,’ I said, hug­ging him.

Like me, Dad loved crys­tals. He of­ten popped into his favourite crys­tal shop near my home and I’d asked him to keep an eye out for a se­len­ite wand.

I’ve been prac­tic­ing reiki for over 10 years and I’m trained in mas­sage and cra­nial sacral ther­apy. I of­ten work with crys­tals when I’m heal­ing clients.


I also use crys­tals on my­self ev­ery evening to ease my aches and pains. That’s what semi-pre­cious stones do - they ab­sorb neg­a­tive en­ergy. Se­len­ite is par­tic­u­larly good for open­ing the crown chakra and re­bal­anc­ing the emo­tional field, if you sit qui­etly with your bare feet on the wand or stone.

So, later that night, I de­cided to try out my new wand. My hus­band Kevin, 52, was watch­ing tele­vi­sion down­stairs and the kids Char­lie, 16, and Rosie, 12, were asleep.

I dug the crys­tal out of my hand­bag and lay on my bed. I took a deep breath and thought, ‘Now, where shall I heal first?’

But be­fore I could de­cide, I

started to feel weirdly spaced out. The room be­gan to spin. My mind felt like it was full of fog, and my gut started to churn un­pleas­antly. It was like a hang­over – but I hadn’t been drink­ing!

‘That’s strange,’ I thought grog­gily.

Sick sen­sa­tion

I put the crys­tal down on the bed­side ta­ble to get a glass of water and the sick feel­ing im­me­di­ately van­ished.


What on earth…?

This re­ac­tion had never hap­pened be­fore when I was do­ing self­heal­ing. I gin­gerly picked up the crys­tal again, and the dizzy feel­ing and nau­sea re­turned in an in­stant. I dropped it like a hot potato.

‘Be sen­si­ble,’ I told my­self. ‘You just need to get used to the crys­tal’s en­ergy.’

So I re­peated the process sev­eral times. But I felt sick and dizzy ev­ery time I touched the wand. I knew that some­thing wasn’t right with the wand. I de­cided to Skype my crys­tal ther­a­pist and ask her about it. I told her what had hap­pened and held the crys­tal up to the screen so she could see it clearly. Her eyes grew wide and alarmed. ‘Don’t use that crys­tal again,’ she in­sisted. ‘Bring it over when you come for your at­tune­ment next week. I’ll have a look at it.’ My stom­ach lurched. What was so very wrong with the wand? Nor­mally, when I get a new crys­tal, I cleanse it by waft­ing it un­der in­cense to clear away any un­wanted en­er­gies. But I hadn’t cleared this one be­cause it was brand new. Could that be why it was mak­ing me feel sick?


I de­cided to put the crys­tal out of harm’s way in a box in the hall­way. This space in the house is where me and my fam­ily spend the least amount of time. I fig­ured that it would be the safest place to keep it un­til I got a chance to take it to my crys­tal ther­a­pist’s house and find out what was wrong. That was the idea, any­way… But, ar­riv­ing home the fol­low­ing day, I nearly went fly­ing as my foot caught the cor­ner of the box. The box had moved two me­tres across the hall­way.

‘Who moved this box? It nearly tripped me over!’ I yelled crossly.

‘Not us,’ cho­rused Rosie and Char­lie in uni­son.

I raised an eye­brow and turned to

My mind was foggy and my gut churned

If you’ve been wronged – had your wal­let nicked, for ex­am­ple - you can call on the fear­some an­gel Che­riour to make a judge­ment on your be­half. He will know who is re­spon­si­ble, and al­though you may never find out what hap­pens, pun­ish­ment will be dished out!

Iwas at the play­ground with my daugh­ter Olivia, 4. A mum I hadn’t seen be­fore was there with a lit­tle boy who looked re­ally ner­vous. Olivia went over and of­fered him her hand. Af­ter a minute, he ran off to play with her, smil­ing con­fi­dently. Then Olivia went back to his mum and led her over to me. ‘This is Tommy’s mum’ she said. ‘You can be friends with her!’ This was 30 years ago, and my lit­tle an­gel found me my best friend! Cheryl, 60, Walton-onThames

So pretty - but some­thing was amiss

Re­bal­anc­ing: Se­len­ite

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