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A sci­en­tist at the Univer­sity of Ari­zona is at­tempt­ing to build a phone that will al­low you to call and text the dead! As un­be­liev­able as it may sound, Dr Gary Schwartz is in­vent­ing what he calls the ‘Soul­phone’ and claims it will be fully work­ing as soon as this year!

He is not the first in­ven­tor to try and build such a de­vice. The pi­o­neer of the light bulb, Thomas Edi­son also at­tempted to de­velop a ‘Spirit Phone’ but died be­fore he could com­plete his work in 1931.

The fa­mous ec­cen­tric elec­tri­cal ge­nius, Nicola Tesla, also built a ‘Spirit Ra­dio.’ Al­though nei­ther were suc­cess­ful, Dr Schwartz is con­fi­dent his de­vice will be. Work­ing with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy, his ex­per­i­ments have been in­de­pen­dently val­i­dated un­der con­trolled con­di­tions at other lab­o­ra­to­ries.

As if that wasn’t wow enough, his non-profit Soul­phone Foun­da­tion is also work­ing on soul video to al­low Skype calls! The long-term aim is to cre­ate an app on your smart phone, so you can speed dial the dead! Which, of course, begs the ques­tion, who you gonna call...?


An an­cient horse has been dis­cov­ered just out­side Pom­peii, the Ro­man town that was fa­mously buried un­der mounds of ash, killing around 30,000 peo­ple, when Ve­su­vius erupted in AD79.

The horse died in its sta­ble dur­ing the erup­tion – and left a horse-shaped dent in the ground that was so well-pre­served that re­searchers were able to in­ject liq­uid plas­ter into it and ‘re­in­flate’ the horse. It now looks like a statue of a horse ly­ing on its side!

It was found near an iron har­ness, sug­gest­ing the an­i­mal was valu­able and well-looked af­ter. Arche­ol­o­gists think it may have been bred to take part in the circus games and races that were pop­u­lar with the Ro­man peo­ple.

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