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She talks to the an­i­mals

Muf­fin truly was a one-off! Al­though he aged in body, he didn’t in his mind. He was al­ways dash­ing about and get­ting un­der my feet – a lov­able pest! He was very greedy and I even had to put a lock on the fridge door as oth­er­wise he’d open it and help him­self! He did phys­i­cally weaken but tried to ig­nore it and just car­ried on. He was such a de­ter­mined boy. He loved Christ­mas. We made him his own turkey din­ner and even took a photo of him wear­ing a hat. ‘The Williams’ would be my grand­par­ents who are both in spirit. I found an or­na­ment over­turned on my win­dow sill. I did won­der if that was him – it would be so typ­i­cal of him if it was! I am glad he knows I will never for­get him and, if I do move, he can be with me

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