The an­i­mal ques­tion

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I’m of­ten asked, ‘can we rein­car­nate into an­i­mals?’ Most past life ex­perts say no, be­cause you don't learn the lessons you failed as a hu­man in this life by be­ing re­born as a dog in the next. The the­ory is that we start off as what we call ‘lower life forms’ and grad­u­ally work our way up to be­ing hu­mans - but this im­plies that hu­mans are the top of the spir­i­tual chain. I be­lieve that we go through lives as an­i­mals be­fore we be­come hu­man - be­cause life as an an­i­mal is meant to pre­pare us for the huge challenge we face as hu­mans in re­tain­ing our spir­i­tu­al­ity and re­spect­ing all life. Which is why, if we fail, it makes sense to come back as an an­i­mal and re­learn that in­valu­able les­son.

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