Jenny: Slip back into past lives

Past life ex­pert and ther­a­pist Jenny Smed­ley re­solves prob­lems by delv­ing into for­mer lives with the help of her own past life spirit.

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I’m con­vinced that I had a past life in Ja­pan – I’ve even writ­ten a screen­play in which a char­ac­ter has a past life in old Ja­pan! I feel like I was fe­male, and that cherry blos­som had some sig­nif­i­cance. What can you tell me about it? Pippa, 47, Ames­bury, Wilt­shire

Du­ti­ful wife

It is 1750. Your name is Aguri, which speaks vol­umes as it means ‘the child of those who have too many chil­dren.’ This is why your par­ents were com­pletely thrilled to find you a hus­band - times are hard for those with many daugh­ters. The prob­lem is that your hus­band is not a kind man and you are scared of him. You are in­tel­li­gent, although un­e­d­u­cated, and yearn to see more of your beau­ti­ful home­land, but you know that it’s un­likely your hus­band will ever let you.

Sneak­ing out

To­day, you are sit­ting in Asukayama Park un­der the cherry blos­soms, while an artist paints you and your friends drink­ing saki. You smile, you en­joy the blos­soms and the at­ten­tion, but you’re also afraid. Your hus­band, Touma, be­lieves strongly that Ja­panese hus­bands have to­tal do­min­ion over their wives, and you’re afraid that when he finds out that you have left the home without his per­mis­sion and have been ‘wast­ing’ the day in this way, his ret­ri­bu­tion will be swift and cruel.

Stabbed to death

Touma has not spo­ken to you for three days. At 16 years old, you die by his hand, stabbed through the heart. Dy­ing, your soul cries out for the life you didn’t live, and you vow to re­turn to sit un­der the cherry blos­soms.

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