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Dear Katie

Ihave a cou­ple of ma­jor life goals that I seem to be strug­gling to work to­wards, even though they mean a lot to me. Why is this? Amanda, 43, High Wy­combe

Dear Amanda

There are two dis­tinct colours within your aura - blue and yel­low. De­spite your achieve­ments and recog­ni­tion from oth­ers, you’re afraid of the fu­ture. Your self-es­teem can be quite flex­i­ble, and it dips when you com­pare your­self to oth­ers. You may be sub­con­sciously block­ing your­self from achiev­ing your goals through a fear that you’re not good enough or un­de­serv­ing. The good news is that there are also white flashes in your aura, which is a sign the an­gels are with you. Call on them to help trans­mute the fear to some­thing more pos­i­tive so you can be all you de­serve to be!

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