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After be­ing wo­ken by the ghost of the hanged woman, I was too scared to sleep in the bed­room. I slept on a pull-out bed in the liv­ing room in­stead.

Three or four weeks later, I got up to go to work at 8am as usual. My ex-girl­friend was sit­ting on my sofa – which was odd, be­cause she hadn’t stayed the night.

‘Shouldn’t you be get­ting ready for work?’ I asked her, sur­prised. She didn’t an­swer. How odd. I of­fered her a cup of tea, but there was still no re­ply. I took the tea out to the liv­ing room – and as I leaned down to put it at the ta­ble, I glanced at her and she smiled. Her mouth was full of bro­ken, mouldy

tomb­stone-like teeth. It wasn’t my girl­friend. It was the ring­mas­ter ghost!

It was one of the most ter­ri­fy­ing ex­pe­ri­ences of my en­tire life.


That was nearly seven years ago - and the evil mon­ster has haunted me ever since.

One night, my girl­friend stayed over.

‘Do you want to sleep on the pull-out with me?’ I asked her as we got ready for bed.

‘Don’t be silly, I’ll sleep in your bed­room,’ she laughed.

Half­way through the night, I could hear her gasp­ing for air.

I ran into the bed­room, to find her chok­ing and cry­ing.

‘He was here,’ she sobbed. She told me that the ring­mas­ter ghost had walked into the room and picked her up.

She’d thought he was me – un­til she saw his face...

He’s at­tacked me, too. I’ve wo­ken up with strange cuts and bruises all over my body. On one oc­ca­sion, I found the word

‘DIE’ writ­ten on the in­side of one of my win­dows in dirt. No­body else has keys to my flat, so there was only one sus­pect – the ring­mas­ter ghost.

Sev­eral ev­eral medi­ums have now con­firmed that I picked him up dur­ing that house clear­ing that went so wrong.


The fam­ily who live there still feel they’ve got some­thing para­nor­mal with them in their house. They’ve in­vited me back for another in­ves­ti­ga­tion, but I turned them down. I don’t want to ac­ci­den­tally give them back any of the neg­a­tive en­ergy I took away with me that night! But I do need to do some­thing about him. I’ve had health prob­lem after health prob­lem since he came into my life, although doc­tors can never find any­thing se­ri­ously wrong with me. I strug­gle with low moods – although they usu­ally im­prove once I leave my flat. The ring­mas­ter ghost is ru­in­ing my life. He’s got to go. It’s go­ing to be a bat­tle be­tween me and him. May the best man win!

The ghost at­tacked my girl­friend

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