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A hideous mon­ster has been spot­ted in Canada….well, maybe. Au­drée Tan­guay Fréchette, who lives in Gaspésie, Québec, a re­mote and iso­lated part of the coun­try, filmed what she thought was a moose graz­ing at the side of the road on her phone – but when she looked back at the footage, she spot­ted a strange, hu­manoid crea­ture creep­ing though the for­est to­wards the moose. Creep­ily, look­ing at the footage, the only fa­cial fea­tures it seems to have are its eyes!

The video promptly went vi­ral on the in­ter­net after Ms Fréchette asked for help iden­ti­fy­ing the weird beast. View­ers spec­u­lated that this could be the leg­endary Rake mon­ster – which is like Big­foot, only a lot less friendly! It’s said to be tall, with hol­low black eyes and long, spindly fin­gers. Def­i­nitely not some­thing you’d want to bump into when you were walk­ing alone in the wilder­ness…

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