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Ear­lier this year, spir­i­tual con­sul­tant Amethyst Rain shocked Phillip Schofield on

This Morn­ing when she told him she'd had sex with at least 15 ghosts. Phil re­sponded, ‘I could imag­ine you’ve got quite a name for your­self in the spirit world!’

In Au­gust, she came back to the show to break the news to him that she’s since found a nice ghost and set­tled down. They’re even think­ing about start­ing a fam­ily to­gether. Sex with ghosts is known as spec­trophilia, and some spir­i­tual prac­ti­tion­ers claim it’s not un­com­mon. The May edi­tion of Chat it’s fate fea­tured Amanda Spar­row Large Teague, who is mar­ried to a pi­rate ghost called Jack. She told us, ‘Sex with a spirit is more lov­ing and in­ti­mate than with a phys­i­cal man. It’s far more in­tense than your av­er­age knee-trem­bler!’ Maybe there’s some­thing in this spec­trophilia malarkey after all!

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