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Get started by putting your can­dle in a holder in a quiet space, keep­ing it away from draughts but within arm’s reach. Your breath­ing may af­fect the flame’s move­ment, and if you’re too close, it may not be safe. As you light the wick, ask your ques­tion. Watch the flame for a minute or so and in­ter­pret it us­ing the fol­low­ing guide:

A BRIGHT, STEADY FLAME: The way ahead is clear. There are no ob­sta­cles to your wish. A WEAK FLAME AND/OR A FLAME THAT GOES OUT: Is this the right path for you? Blocks and op­po­si­tion lie ahead. JUMP­ING FLAME: An in­tense, volatile sit­u­a­tion. Con­sider if you’re will­ing to change di­rec­tion.

FLICK­ER­ING FLAME: Com­mit­ment is­sues. Ei­ther you or another per­son isn’t as in­vested as they should be in a re­la­tion­ship or per­sonal pro­ject. HISSING FLAME: A mes­sage from spirit is com­ing – ex­cit­ing or un­ex­pected news. SMOK­ING FLAME: Any neg­a­tiv­ity in your life is be­ing cleared. New op­por­tu­ni­ties will ap­pear.

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