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• Avoid al­co­hol and caf­feine, es­pe­cially at night. • If you smoke, quit. • Ex­er­cise dur­ing the day, not in the evenings. Yoga or pi­lates will help. • Try an iron sup­ple­ments – they help for some peo­ple, although not every­one. Make sure you get ad­vice from your doc­tor first, es­pe­cially if you’re tak­ing other med­i­ca­tion. • Stick to a reg­u­lar sleep rou­tine - go to bed at the same time ev­ery sin­gle night. • Ask your GP about sup­ple­ments of mag­ne­sium, potas­sium, cal­cium or folic acid. How­ever, close mon­i­tor­ing is es­sen­tial to avoid tox­i­c­ity.

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