Witches know there’s only one true diva, and that’s Mother Na­ture. She cre­ated all things, and is the queen of rein­ven­tion, adapt­ing and chang­ing with each sea­son. If you want to get the mys­ti­cal edge, you need to fol­low her lead and get in tune with the

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 Get into herblore. Get to know the plants and flow­ers in your gar­den, and the types of herbs you can use for spells. Ev­ery liv­ing thing has an en­ergy that can be used in rit­u­als and recipes, so ex­per­i­ment and have fun cre­at­ing your own lo­tions and po­tions!  Find some­thing you love about ev­ery sea­son. Make a point of go­ing out in all weath­ers - take walks in the rain and feel the fresh droplets on your face. Stand at the top of a hill on a blus­tery day and let the wind cleanse you from head to toe, or bathe in the sun’s en­er­gis­ing glow.  Re­spect wildlife and learn about the dif­fer­ent crea­tures and their habi­tats. You might be drawn to a par­tic­u­lar an­i­mal be­cause it has a mes­sage for you, or it’s your totem.

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