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Mod­ern covens come in all shapes and sizes, and while a tra­di­tional gath­er­ing might be right for some, it’s not every­one’s cup of tea. A real witch knows she can still sup­port and em­power the women in her life by be­ing there in many dif­fer­ent ways.

Think of all the women who are im­por­tant to you. Take a length of rib­bon for each, in­clud­ing your­self, and tie them to­gether in a knot. Hang the rib­bons some­where prom­i­nent and ev­ery time you see them give thanks for each woman’s pres­ence in your life.

Give out com­pli­ments freely, not just to friends and fam­ily, but col­leagues, neigh­bours and ac­quain­tances. Sup­port and en­cour­age the ladies in your life.

Get to know the women in your past. Re­search your fam­ily tree and learn about the femme fa­tales that paved the way for you to­day.

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