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The Na­tive Amer­i­cans of North Amer­ica also re­gard spi­ders as benev­o­lent, ben­e­fit­ing mankind though their cre­ativ­ity and wis­dom. In the myths of the Hopi peo­ple, Spi­der Woman is the god­dess who com­mands the Earth, and who acts as an in­ter­me­di­ary be­tween gods and men. To­gether with the sun god Tawa, it was she who was re­spon­si­ble for mould­ing the first man and woman out of clay and giv­ing them life. Spi­ders fea­ture in a few other cre­ation myths, weav­ing the world from their webs – but they also ap­pear as trick­sters.

In African mythol­ogy, the spi­der Anansi is both a cre­ator

and a trick­ster, a mis­chievous char­ac­ter that came to be known as Aunt Nancy in the West In­dies. In the Caribbean, Anansi is cel­e­brated as a sym­bol of slave re­sis­tance, us­ing his trick­ery and cun­ning to turn the tables on his cruel and heart­less op­pres­sors.

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