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Dur­ing the Black Death, spi­ders were worn around the neck in a wal­nut shell as a re­pel­lent against the killer ill­ness.

In Me­dieval times, it was thought that eat­ing a black spi­der be­tween two slices of but­tered bread would in­vest you with mag­i­cal pow­ers.

The an­cient Ro­mans be­lieved that spi­ders were a sym­bol of money and riches so they tried to at­tract wealth by car­ry­ing gold and sil­ver coins cast with the images of spi­ders.

If you dream of a spi­der, you might be com­ing into money, but be care­ful that the spi­der doesn’t bite you in the dream, or you might lose ev­ery­thing you have.

If you kill a spi­der, you’ll be vis­ited by bad luck which can only be dis­pelled by swat­ting

53 flies.

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