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Sam has been my pride and joy since I was four years old. We’ve had such fun and he’s taught me so much. Over the last year, he’s de­vel­oped many prob­lems. I knew that his time was com­ing to an end but I just wanted to hear it from him. His body has been fail­ing him so much. I could no longer see the cheeky, en­er­getic, bonkers pony that I’ve known so well, so it was an in­cred­i­ble re­lief to hear Sam say­ing that it was time for him to go and that he was happy for me to or­gan­ise his pass­ing. I will be able to re­mem­ber him hap­pily as he was, and rem­i­nisce about the won­der­ful fun we had in his younger days. The grey horse was his friend Ebony who was black as a foal and over the years be­came grey! I am so pleased that they will be re­united in Heaven.

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