I smelt evil then I fought for my soul

A client came for reiki - but needed an ex­or­cism Claire Stone, 37, from St He­len’s, Mersey­side

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Ar­changel Michael has got my back

Glanc­ing at my watch, I checked that my heal­ing room was ready. I had a new client booked in for an hour-long an­gelic reiki ses­sion and I wanted to make a good im­pres­sion.

I’ve been a pro­fes­sional healer for 10 years and I work with an­gels, my power an­i­mal and nu­mer­ous spirit guides. I’m also a shamanic prac­ti­tioner and psy­chic, which means I hear and see spirit and com­mu­ni­cate with them for guid­ance and heal­ing.

That day, I had a straight­for­ward an­gelic reiki heal­ing - or so I thought. When the new client Bar­bara* had rung to make the ap­point­ment, the pre­vi­ous day I’d had a nig­gling feel­ing. As she was talk­ing on the phone, I’d sud­denly felt dizzy.

‘I’ve been work­ing too hard,’ I’d mut­tered to my­self when I put the phone down. ‘I need a break!’


But I was all ready for Bar­bara. As a pre­cau­tion, I called in the Vi­o­let Flame with a sim­ple vi­su­al­i­sa­tion and cre­ated a pro­tec­tive wall around my­self and my home. It’s some­thing I do for pro­tec­tion

be­fore I start any rit­ual. The Vi­o­let Flame has been used by heal­ers and psy­chics for cen­turies. The en­ergy is in­cred­i­bly spir­i­tu­ally pure. Min­utes af­ter putting the vi­o­let flames in place, the door­bell rang. ‘She’s early,’ I thought. I opened the door to Bar­bara, who was in her mid-50s. Her face looked tired and drawn, and her skin had a grey­ish tinge to it. ‘She must be feel­ing un­der the weather,’ I thought to my­self. ‘May I use your toi­let?’ she asked me. ‘Of course,’ I said,

show­ing her to the cloak­room. Whilst she was in the loo, I re­alised the an­gels were com­mu­ni­cat­ing with me. Be care­ful.all will be re­vealed veryshortly.

It was an odd mes­sage to re­ceive from the an­gels. I shrugged. Oh well. Ev­ery­thing would be clear soon, I was sure.


Min­utes later, I was smudg­ing Bar­bara with burn­ing sage. I asked her to lie down on my treat­ment coach for her reiki. Then I called in my spirit guides and started the heal­ing.

Within sec­onds of link­ing with Bar­bara’s aura, I sensed three spirit at­tach­ments feed­ing off her en­ergy. It was a hor­ri­ble sen­sa­tion, I felt icy

cold and nau­seous. Urgh. What was that smell? I sniffed the air. It was vomit. I could smell sick in my treat­ment room. It was an­other sign that I was in the pres­ence of evil. The an­gels had been right to warn me to be care­ful.


Just then, I felt a surge of pres­sure as the spir­its tried to en­ter my body via my third eye chakra. I was un­der psy­chic at­tack. I could feel their dark en­ergy press­ing against my aura try­ing to break through my pro­tec­tion.

I stood my ground. Call­ing on Ar­changel Michael for strength, I re­fused to give in to the fear that was threat­en­ing to over­whelm me. I was con­fi­dent that Ar­changel Michael had my back - I work with his pow­er­ful en­ergy daily when­ever I’m giv­ing heal­ing or med­i­tat­ing. All the while, Bar­bara lay with her eyes shut. I didn’t want to let on about the spir­its and scare her. But then my guide, a Ti­betan monk, told me that Bar­bara knew about these three evil en­ti­ties. They’d been caus­ing her all sorts of prob­lems - giv­ing her night­mares, blow­ing light bulbs and feed­ing her hor­ri­ble, neg­a­tive thoughts. ‘The cheeky mare!’ I thought. ‘Com­ing to me for an­gelic reiki when she knows she needs an ex­or­cism.’ My guide told me that Bar­bara was a reiki mas­ter but she’d be­come lazy in her prac­tice. She’d stopped putting up her psy­chic pro­tec­tion when she was work­ing with clients. The dark­ness had sensed the weak­ness and pounced. What’s more, my guide added that Bar­bara had seven other wan­der­ing spir­its in her home - but they weren’t evil, just lost. I couldn’t clear the three en­ti­ties from Bar­bara’s aura. Bar­bara needed a spe­cial cleans­ing, which I’d never have per­formed in my own home and by my­self. When you clear a per­son with mul­ti­ple evil spirit at­tach­ments you need two psy­chics. One psy­chic holds the space and the other works to re­lease the en­ti­ties. You then cleanse each room in the per­son’s home thor­oughly us­ing burn­ing sage and sound. The process can take hours. Re­mov­ing a sin­gle lost soul can be done by one per­son, even re­motely. But these three en­ti­ties weren’t lost souls - they were evil.


In­stead, I asked the an­gels to give Bar­bara the strength to take re­spon­si­bil­ity to deal with her prob­lem. She’d come to me un­der false pre­tences, hop­ing I’d ban­ish her en­ti­ties for her. But she’d cre­ated the is­sue and it was up to her to deal with it - not me.

How­ever, dur­ing the treat­ment I did re­move the seven lost souls from her home re­motely. I helped them to cross over into the light by open­ing a door­way and call­ing in the an­gels.

At the end of Bar­bara’s ses­sion, I told her that I knew she was a reiki mas­ter - my spirit guide had told me. Her mouth fell open in sur­prise.

‘I’ve cleared your home but I’ve not touched the three spir­its at­tached to you,’ I said. ‘You need to have re­spect for your prac­tice.’

I ex­plained how she could clear these dark en­ti­ties her­self. But she needed to do a pro­tec­tion rit­ual ev­ery day and work with the Christ Light to purify her en­ergy. Bar­bara said thank you and left with­out an­other word. Later than night, I prayed for Bar­bara to find the courage to deal with the prob­lem. I hoped that she’d learned her spir­i­tual les­son.

I’ve of­ten won­dered if she got rid of the spir­its, as I’d ad­vised, or if they’re still at­tached to her. It just goes to show the dan­ger of work­ing with spirit en­ergy if you’re not care­ful to pro­tect your­self. Af­ter all, if I hadn’t been so vig­i­lant, those evil en­ti­ties could have at­tached to me in­stead….and maybe that was her in­ten­tion all along!

Meet­ing some­one with so many evil spir­its at­tached to them is rare, al­though it’s not un­heard of. Dark­ness can lurk in the most un­likely places but it’s cer­tainly not wel­come in my lovely home. To book a heal­ing with Claire Stone, or book on one of her work­shops, visit claire­stone.co.uk

I prayed she’d learned her les­son

Heal­ing room: Safe space

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My guide is a Ti­betan monk

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