Cos­mic cui­sine: What diet best suits your el­e­men­tal sign?

You can blame astrol­ogy for your sweet tooth!

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Did you know that, in astrol­ogy, the el­e­men­tal group you’re born into has a mas­sive bear­ing on the sort of food you love and hate, how you cook and your re­la­tion­ship with grub in gen­eral? Check out your sign be­low, see which group you’re in, and find out more…

For signs in the Air group, food is usu­ally not top pri­or­ity. They tend to eat when they can squeeze it in and of­ten on the run. Happy to meet a friend for lunch, they’re more in­ter­ested in gos­sip­ing than scoff­ing and in­vari­ably end up hav­ing a cof­fee, for­get­ting to or­der food!

As an Air sign and with a pref­er­ence for small por­tions, you’re not too prone to weight gain and don’t bother with calo­rie-count­ing or in­gre­di­ent-check­ing. Al­ways in a hurry, you’ll just grab what­ever’s avail­able and this can of­ten mean plump­ing for junk food. Your eat­ing is er­ratic, of­ten din­ing late and fre­quently miss­ing break­fast. You’re eas­ily bored, so en­joy­ing try­ing new fare. When you cook, you rarely fol­low recipes and are good at com­ing up with to­tally novel meals.

 AIR FOODS: Any­thing that grows on trees – fruit, berries, nuts, olive, plan­tain, co­conut.  FAV FLAVOURS: Fast food – in­clud­ing all kinds of junk food such as pizza, crisps and bis­cuits.  IDEAL MEAL: Veg­gie burger, sweet potato chips and home-made coleslaw.

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