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T he an­swers to all th­ese gen­eral knowl­edge ques­tions – ex­cept one – are in the grid in var­i­ous

di­rec­tions. To be this week’s Chat Big Quiz cham­pion, work out which an­swer is miss­ing. This is your prize an­swer. An­swers are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der in each sec­tion. The Sil­ver Screen – lead­ers 1 Daniel Day-lewis won his third Best Ac­tor Os­car for por­tray­ing which much-revered US pres­i­dent in a 2012 movie en­ti­tled with his sur­name? (7, 7) 2 What was the sur­name of the Prime Min­is­ter who was played by Ti­mothy Spall in The King’s Speech, Al­bert Fin­ney in The Gath­er­ing Storm and re­cently by Brian Cox in a movie en­ti­tled with his sur­name? (9) 3 Which Prime Min­is­ter did Meryl Streep play in 2011 movie The

Iron Lady? (8, 8) Where in The World? Swedes 4 Swe­den is con­nected by the 5-mile Ore­sund Bridge and the 2.5-mile Drog­den tun­nel with which coun­try to the south? (7) 5 Swe­den has land bor­ders with two coun­tries. Nor­way is one. What’s the other? (7) 6 What’s the cap­i­tal city of Swe­den? (9) Breeds 7 What’s the name given to the small­est breed of dog, taken from the Mex­i­can state where it’s thought to have first been bred? (9) 8 What’s the name of the short-haired, black-and­white spot­ted dog, taken from the coastal area of Croa­tia, to where it can trace its ances­try? (9) 9 What’s the name of the tall, lon­g­legged, very sleek dogs, trained and raced at venues such as Belle Vue in Manch­ester, Hall Green in Birm­ing­ham and Lon­don’s Cray­ford? (9) Speed 10 Which cat’s the fastest land an­i­mal, reach­ing speeds of 70mph? (7) 11 What’s the name given to the nar­row band of fast-mov­ing air that runs around the north­ern hemi­sphere and has a dra­matic ef­fect on the weather pat­terns? (3, 6) 12 Which sprinter has held the ti­tle of the fastest hu­man on Earth, af­ter win­ning the 100m gold medal at the 2008 Bei­jing, 2012 Lon­don and 2016 Rio Olympics? (5, 4) Knead 13 What’s the name of the dough­nut-shaped bread snack that orig­i­nated in the Jewish com­mu­ni­ties of Poland, and for which the dough is shaped and boiled be­fore bak­ing? (5) 14 What’s the name given to the small cubes of bread which are baked or fried and dropped into bowls of soup? (8) 15 What’s the name of the small, doughy cake, the pro­nun­ci­a­tion of which is a long-term sub­ject of dis­agree­ment, and which forms part of a tra­di­tional cream tea? (5)

3. Who’s this Os­car win­ner?

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