Sweet treat

Serves: 16 Prep: 20 min + soak­ing and chill­ing

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200g dried sour cher­ries

and blue­ber­ries 90ml Blue­berry &

Black­cur­rant Cor­dial 297g can con­densed milk 100g each of dark and milk

cho­co­late, finely chopped 30g but­ter, soft­ened 50g mini marsh­mal­lows 200g di­ges­tive bis­cuits,

roughly crushed 100g white cho­co­late,

chopped 1 Line a 20cm square bak­ing tin with parch­ment pa­per. 2 Put the sour cher­ries and blue­ber­ries in a pan with the cor­dial and 30ml of wa­ter and bring to a sim­mer. Then re­move from the heat and set aside to cool and soak for at least an hour. 3 Pour con­densed milk into a pan, and heat un­til just com­ing to a sim­mer, stir­ring. Put the dark and milk cho­co­late in a bowl with but­ter and pour over con­densed milk. Stir un­til you have a smooth, glossy mix. 4 Strain fruit, dis­card­ing any ex­cess liq­uid, then add to cho­co­late mix with the marsh­mal­lows and bis­cuits. Tip and spread into lined tin. Melt white cho­co­late and driz­zle over sur­face. Chill in fridge for at least 3hrs un­til solid, then cut into squares to serve.

Sweet treat

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