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The an­swers to all th­ese gen­eral knowl­edge ques­tions – ex­cept one – are in the grid in var­i­ous

di­rec­tions. To be this week’s Chat Big Quiz cham­pion, work out which an­swer is miss­ing. This is your prize an­swer. An­swers are in al­pha­bet­i­cal or­der in each sec­tion.

The Sil­ver Screen – Metal

1 Who played tenor-horn player Andy Bar­row in the 1996 com­edy Brassed

Off be­fore go­ing on to play Obi-wan Kenobe in Star Wars episodes I, II and III? (4, 8) 2 What com­pletes the clas­sic 1958 movie

Cat on a ..., based on a Ten­nessee Wil­liams play? (3,3, 4) 3 Which ‘metal­lic’ hero has been played by Robert Downey Jr eight times in a va­ri­ety of films since his first ap­pear­ance in 2008, in­clud­ing the re­cent movie Spi­der-man:

Home­com­ing? (4, 3)

Where in The World? rock

4 Ay­ers Rock, also known as Uluru, is a huge sand­stone for­ma­tion in the mid­dle of which coun­try? (9) 5 The Dome of the Rock is a fa­mous Is­lamic shrine on the Tem­ple Mount in which Mid­dle East­ern city? (9) 6 What’s the name of the huge range of peaks run­ning for over 3,000 miles from Canada to New Mex­ico? (5, 9)


7 What part of a hat comes be­fore ‘...stone’ to make an old-fash­ioned name for the chem­i­cal el­e­ment sul­phur? (4) 8 Which stone is the type of cow­boy im­mor­talised by Glen Camp­bell in the UK Top Ten in 1975? (10) 9 What’s the name of the long-run­ning rock band in which Char­lie Watts plays

the drums? (3,7, 6)


10 What pre­cedes the word ... Jewels, to make the name of the of­fi­cial Royal be­jew­elled re­galia kept in a very se­cure part of the Tower of London? (5) 11 The Cul­li­nan, the Hope and the Koh-i-noor are large and fa­mous ex­am­ples of which gem­stone? (7) 12 Which green stone fol­lows Caro ..., to make the name of the Dutch pop and jazz singer whose de­but al­bum was called Deleted Scenes from the Cut­ting Room Floor? (7)

heart of Stone

13 A per­son with a kind and gen­er­ous na­ture is said to have a heart of which pre­cious metal? (4) 14 Elvis Pres­ley took which ho­tel (ac­cord­ing to the song, ‘down at the end of Lonely Street’) into the UK Top Ten in 1956? (10) 15 Which colour comes be­fore ... Heart, to make the name of the medal given to ev­ery mem­ber of the US mil­i­tary who is wounded while serv­ing? (6) AYE TIS ARRRD! Your an­swer:

3. Who’s the metal-suited man?

6. What’s the name of the range?

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