Nuts to be­ing fat!

My favourite choc­cie treat be­came my down­fall...

Chat - - Contents - By Deb­bie Fox, 41, from Worces­ter

As I munched my third Snick­ers bar of the day, I sighed. I loved nuts – even more if they were cov­ered in choco­late!

But the cals in the choc­cie treat didn’t like me.

I was 21st and a whop­ping size-26.

Worse still, I could barely taste the sweet snack. I was so used to scoff­ing them, they barely reg­is­tered with me th­ese days.

I’d al­ways been big­ger, loved my take­aways. But I re­ally started to pile on the pounds af­ter hav­ing my first daugh­ter Danielle.

I was only 26, as­sumed I’d eas­ily lose the baby weight. But I never did.

And, seven years on, when I had my daugh­ter Demi, now 8, I put on more. It didn’t help that my re­la­tion­ship with the girls’ dad was strug­gling.

De­pressed, I turned to food for com­fort – or should I say, choco­late and nuts! It took my mind off the fact I was get­ting big­ger…

But there were con­stant re­minders.

‘Can we go to the park, Mum?’ Danielle would beg me.

But I al­ways said no – at my weight, the thought of see­ing the other mums there was scary.

‘How about a take­away as a treat in­stead?’ I’d say to the kids.

I hated let­ting down Danielle but, by now, I had a three-a-day Snick­ers habit.

And all those cals came at a cost. In 2011, my re­la­tion­ship with the girls’ dad fi­nally fell apart.

But, in­stead of fall­ing fur­ther

By now, I had a three-a-day Snick­ers habit!

into de­pres­sion, I knew this was my chance for a new start. And I knew where to be­gin...

Out went the take­aways, carbs, and cals. In came healthy grub and trips to the gym.

As for my beloved Snick­ers? I couldn’t face ditch­ing them com­pletely, so I kept them for very spe­cial oc­ca­sions!

I started weights and aer­o­bic classes with a gym buddy and we spurred

each other on. In five months, I was a curvy size-18 – the mo­ti­va­tion I needed to keep go­ing.

And around that time, I met Arthur on a night out.

At 6ft 1in and with a great body I was in­stantly at­tracted to him. And he was the ex­tra push I needed to get to my size-10 goal.

He spurred me on at the gym, gave me con­fi­dence boosts about my fig­ure, helped me with healthy eat­ing. Then…

‘I’ve bought you a bike,’ Arthur said one day, and now I cy­cle to work every day.

Within two years, I reached my goal of 10st –per­fect for my 5ft 6in frame.

Now the kids and I sit down to eat a healthy meal every night. I feel I’m set­ting a good ex­am­ple and hope it’ll give them good habits for life.

One of the great things about los­ing weight is shop­ping for pretty out­fits.

But the most ex­cit­ing thing of all is that I can be ac­tive with the kids. Danielle, now 15, even wants to join the gym with me.

I look back at pho­tos now and think, how could I let my­self get that un­healthy?

And peo­ple’s re­ac­tions to my weight loss is price­less.

‘Is it re­ally you?’ friends who haven’t seen me for a while ask.

Though I still have my fave Snick­ers once in a blue moon, there’s no way I’d ever go back to eat­ing three a day.

To do that af­ter all I’ve achieved? Well, it’d be nuts!

Out went take­aways, carbs, cals. In came healthy grub

I was a big mummy...

21st, with a sweet tooth...

Folk ask if it’s re­ally me! I’m yummy!

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