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2 – 8 Novem­ber 2017 This week you get a chance to do some­thing you haven’t done for so long that you won­der whether you’ve for­got­ten how. You needn’t have wor­ried - it turns out to be eas­ier than you thought, the old skills are still there, and it’s all

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Aries 21 March - 20 April

What’s the best way for you and some­one else to do a dif­fi­cult job? How about if each of you did the bit that the other re­ally didn’t want to, and then shared the easy stuff be­tween you? Try it and see. Call 0905 817 0690* for more

Tau­rus 21 April - 21 May

You thought it could never hap­pen, but now it has. Or rather, you thought it un­likely and tried to ig­nore it – and now you have to deal with it. But it’s not the dis­as­ter it first ap­pears, it’s just a sur­prise. Call 0905 817 0691* for more

Gem­ini 22 May - 21 June

How easy it is to get what you want this week de­pends on the con­di­tions you set. If you in­sist on a spe­cific colour or price, you might find it hard to get a match. But if you’re flex­i­ble, there should be no prob­lem. Call 0905 817 0692* for more

Cancer 22 June - 23 July

Oh, my! Ro­mance with a cap­i­tal ‘R’, com­plete with soft mu­sic play­ing in the back­ground and huge bou­quets of pink roses in ev­ery room. It’s lovely, and you should en­joy it – just don’t think it’ll al­ways be that way. Call 0905 817 0693* for more

Leo 24 July - 23 Aug

Some jour­neys can be planned from one end to the other. But, with oth­ers, you set off and find your way by a mix of in­stinct and luck. Those jour­neys are the best. Don’t be afraid to ex­plore. Call 0905 817 0694* for more

Virgo 24 Aug - 23 Sep

You’re try­ing to do too many things at once and it’s wear­ing you out. The an­swer is to pri­ori­tise – deal with what’s in front of you, and leave fu­ture plans for a while. They will still be there when you want them. Call 0905 817 0695* for more

Li­bra 24 Sep - 23 Oct

What you’re of­fered this week is solid and should last for a long time – but it’s the sen­si­ble choice, and you’d have liked some­thing with more sparkle. If you can af­ford to wait, bet­ter op­tions will be along soon. Call 0905 817 0696* for more

Scor­pio 24 Oct - 22 Nov

Luck on a small scale, like win­ning a bet, is easy to spot. But there’s also long-term luck, which im­proves your life by putting you on the right path. You might not see it yet, but it’s work­ing for you now. Call 0905 817 0697* for more

Sagit­tar­ius 23 Nov - 21 Dec

The dif­fer­ence be­tween a bit of old junk and a col­lec­tor’s item is in the price you pay for it – and in what it’ll be worth in the fu­ture. Ev­ery in­vest­ment’s a gam­ble, though – val­ues go down as well as up. Take care. Call 0905 817 0698* for more

Capri­corn 22 Dec - 20 Jan

The time to leave a party is while you’re still en­joy­ing your­self. Now seems like a good mo­ment. You may feel you’re do­ing it too soon – but af­ter­wards, you’ll re­alise that you made the right choice. Call 0905 817 0699* for more

Aquar­ius 21 Jan - 19 Feb

An ar­gu­ment springs up out of nowhere, but is over al­most at once – leav­ing you won­der­ing what it was all about. Just a re­minder that the two of you are very dif­fer­ent peo­ple. No need to make any more of it. Call 0905 817 0700* for more

Pisces 20 Feb - 20 March

You’re spoilt for choice this week. Two pos­si­bil­i­ties are open to you, and both are good. But don’t try to work out which one will make you bet­ter off – go for whichever one makes you smile! Call 0905 817 0701* for more

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