Will he ever want kids?

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QMy boyfriend and I have lived to­gether for two years in my par­ents’ house. Things are great.

I re­ally want to set­tle down with chil­dren within the next year or so – both my nan and mum had chil­dren at a young age. Prob­lem is, my fella wants to live his life, travel...and says I’m pres­sur­ing him. Are we on the same page? Louise, 19

AMum’s done it. Nan’s done it. So you want to fol­low suit. But what’s the rush? If you don’t have a baby at the same age as they did, it doesn’t mean your re­la­tion­ship isn’t go­ing to work.

Your boyfriend wants to have fun, go trav­el­ling. Have mem­o­ries to look back on once you’re par­ents. Slow down, it’ll hap­pen when it’s sup­posed to.

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