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The orig­i­nal SFC twin was launched in 1971 and the model was sold up un­til 1977.

On its de­but it won its class at the gru­elling Mon­tjuic Park 24-hour race in Spain. It fea­tured in the 1999 Guggen­heim Art of the Mo­tor­cy­cle ex­hi­bi­tion, where it was de­scribed as “one of the fastest ma­chines on the road in the early 1970s”. De­mand al­ways ex­ceeded sup­ply and just 549 ex­am­ples were pro­duced over six years. The last model sold was called the SFC/3 and had mag­ne­sium wheels and disc brakes.

A smaller ver­sion of the par­al­lel twin, called the Alpino, was later de­vel­oped. This de­sign was re­vis­ited in the late 1980s to cre­ate the 668 series of the early 1990s. Bore and stroke was 78.5 x 69mm and the 180° twin was oil/air­cooled with four-valves-per­cylin­der, DOHC and We­ber-marelli elec­tronic fuel in­jec­tion.

The SFC/4 is in­tended to rep­re­sent what the SFC would have de­vel­oped into, had re­mained in pro­duc­tion.

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