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Re­gard­ing the ’67 TT (CB June), I was there on my Thomp­son Suzuki Su­per Six – and I’m so proud that I was ac­tu­ally stopped on the Isle of Man for ex­ces­sive noise! I re­placed the orig­i­nal ex­pan­sion cham­bers with Thomp­son’s full-race exhausts, which were deaf­en­ing. My first en­counter with a lo­cal mo­tor­cy­cle cop led to the ad­vice that I keep the revs down past a house in Winch­ester from which com­plaints had been re­ceived. He asked me what it would do, to which I replied: “We both know the limit is 70mph”. The re­ply came back: “I know that, but what’ll it do?” “I’ve seen 100 round the by­pass,” I ad­mit­ted. “It must sound beau­ti­ful at that speed!” he said. Those were the days!

A more lo­cal-to-home con­sta­ble later flagged me down, af­ter which I fit­ted thin steel strips bent in a sinewave form in the tailpipes, which took the edge off it. Can you ex­plain the photo of Ago’s 500 at the foot of page 54 in the ‘1967 is­sue’? Did he take a four­cylin­der as well as the three? Fi­nally, those beau­ti­ful Tri­umphs on pages 66-72 have huge brakes – 20.32in and 17.78in – ‘mush be shum mish­take!’ A most en­joy­able is­sue. PHIL BLAIKIE Print­ing the in­cor­rect Ago bike was due to a tech­ni­cal is­sue, as was the brakes info (a tech­ni­cal is­sue with our brains). Gary P

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