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Si­mon Lis­ter runs on­line parts sup­plier Kawasaki Triple Parts ( What he doesn’t know about S1 and KH250 triples prob­a­bly isn’t worth know­ing. Here are his tips based on his wide ex­pe­ri­ence...

1 Orig­i­nal thought

If you value orig­i­nal­ity, make sure you buy as com­plete and orig­i­nal bike as you can. Rel­a­tively few S1s were sold in the UK and gen­uine parts are scarce. Pat­tern parts have im­proved over the years, but to max­imise showwin­ning po­ten­tial, you need the cor­rect gen­uine parts.

2 Hard-to-find parts

Orig­i­nal exhausts are get­ting very hard to find; they look very sim­i­lar from the 1972 S1 up to the 1980 KH250, but there are sub­tle dif­fer­ences. The pipes on my 1974 S1-B are unique for that year. S1-C pipes will fit and don’t look much dif­fer­ent, but they have dif­fer­ent codes. Pipes for some models have dif­fer­ent in­ter­nals. Rims are date-coded.

3 Want it for rid­ing?

Change the gear­box oil, drain the oil tank and clean the fil­ter fit­ted in the bot­tom of the tank. Strip and clean the oil pump, too. Prime the freshly-cleaned pump by hold­ing the pump wide open, start­ing the bike up and let­ting it tick over un­til all the bub­bles dis­ap­pear from the oil lines.

4 For a bit of ex­tra power

The 350 S2 bar­rels fit straight on S1 and KH250 crankcases.

5 Car­bu­ret­tor cri­sis

Carbs can be a bit of a night­mare on all the 250s. The pi­lot jets are so small, they’re eas­ily blocked. Ul­tra­sonic clean­ing works well, and en­sure the in­side of the fuel tank is spot­less.

6 Be­ware of the boss

The mount­ing boss for the right­hand footrest is of­ten bent. The boss is welded to the frame at the front. They can be rewelded, but it’s an en­gine out job.

7 Val­ues on the rise

Ex­pect to pay £7000-8000 for a nice 1972 S1, £6000 for an S1-B and £3500-5000 for a smart KH.

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