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Split­ting headache: The crack (at 2 o’clock) means the head’s a doorstop. Over­tight­en­ing the head bolt, be­tween the ex­haust ports, is a com­mon cause.

No re­turn: The tight cam ring pre­vented the ig­ni­tion ad­vanc­ing prop­erly. A hand scraper is a gen­tle way to re­move tiny amounts of metal to achieve the cor­rect clear­ance.

Down the hatch: Aaaargghh! es­cap­ing my grasp, this nut rat­tled down the hole, quicker ’n a rab­bit. Thank­fully it didn’t wedge in the cam gears and the mag­net pulled it out.

Pol­ish it off: This is a wit­ness mark from where the pis­ton was still con­tact­ing the head. Re­mov­ing a bit of ma­te­rial with a burr in a drill fi­nally re­stored the clear­ance.

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