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1 Tank lugs are fit­ted from in­side. The tricky bit is stop­ping it falling into the tank when you melt the sol­der; sup­port­ing it with a bracket keeps it in place.

4 Pre 1937 tank (right) has a short out­let stub to clear the brake rod. Post ‘37 has the brake on the other side.

7 You need to fit the gear­box tin cover, then the oil tank and then of­fer up the bat­tery tray to work out the ex­act po­si­tion of this clamp. Nip up the bolt.

8 To se­cure the tray at the top, these two cone spac­ers are used. They fit be­tween the rails act­ing as a clamp be­tween the two tubes.

2 The Rudge oil fil­ter is housed in a steel tube. The cap fits over the fil­ter forc­ing oil out through the felt. A spring-loaded disc on top of­fers pres­sure re­lief.

5 When I built my bike I was puz­zled at the lack of brack­ets on the frame for the sad­dle, oil tank etc.

9 What a palaver! But as with most of Rudge’s nutty ideas, it does work and is pretty se­cure. With a heavy bat­tery I’d want to check bolt tight­ness reg­u­larly though…

3 Cork washer on the bot­tom of the fil­ter hous­ing pre­vents the tank’s con­tent get­ting into the re­turn pipe and fill­ing the sump with oil.

6 The sad­dle is held with a U clip, the oil tank has these two sen­si­ble clips, but the bat­tery tray is... more com­plex.

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