Mark’s Guzzi gets a rude awak­en­ing from its long­est hi­ber­na­tion ever and be­comes his com­mut­ing tool

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A fter what seemed like an in­ter­minable time spent re­paint­ing the Guzzi’s fuel tank, the bike is fi­nally back on the road again. And since Nathan, my man at my lo­cal mo­tor­cy­cle shop Spen­ders in Kib­worth, pro­nounced the bike fit for the Queen’s High­way at its MOT test, my faith­ful friend has cov­ered nearly 700 miles in a cou­ple of weeks.

The T3 had to step into the breach as my ev­ery­day trans­port to work af­ter my car sick­ened and died. But be­fore be­ing pressed back into ser­vice, there were a few things to be sorted. First was the rough run­ning the bike had fallen into just be­fore be­ing laid up at the end of last year. I re­solved to go through the ig­ni­tion sys­tem from the spark back­wards, and dis­cov­ered the cul­prit at my first port of call – the near­side spark plug was so coked up there was barely a gap vis­i­ble.

Wire brush, wet-and-dry and feeler gauges soon had the er­rant plug bright and prop­erly gapped – and the bike ran sweeter than it had for a while. That left an­other straight­for­ward act to pre­pare the bike for road­wor­thi­ness – the re­place­ment of the well worn rear tyre. I de­cided to stick with the Bridge­stone BT45 which seems to suit the bike, and since hav­ing a new one fit­ted the Guzzi has been sweep­ing through bends with re­newed gusto.

The tyre gives the ad­he­sion and sta­bil­ity that urge you to crank the bike over to sat­is­fy­ing an­gles of lean, as well as giv­ing great con­fi­dence in the wet. The Guzzi has con­tin­ued to plough on through all weath­ers with lit­tle com­plaint… un­til very re­cently. It started to re­turn to its lumpy old habits which, prompted me to in­spect that near­side plug again. It turned out to be a bit loose, which was slightly wor­ry­ing. I re­sisted my ini­tial in­stinct to un­screw it – it feels like the thread might have gone – in­stead tight­en­ing it up in case the plug wouldn’t go back in tight af­ter be­ing re­moved.

It’s been like that for the past few days – I’ve had to tighten it up once again since then. But, un­til I find an­other car to get to work in, I can’t af­ford to re­move that plug, just in case. So, fin­gers crossed – that the plug holds and that I can find an­other four-wheeler soon, and delve into that trou­ble­some plug­hole prop­erly.


1 Mark’s done 700 miles over the last cou­ple of weeks 1

That guilty look be­trays a man who’s just cross-threaded his spark plug

2 Left hand spark plug was com­pre­hen­sively coked up 2

3 Shaft drive helps make the T3 a prac­ti­cal ev­ery­day bike 3

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