Classic Bike (UK) - - Bonneville Special -

Use lock­wire

“Lock­wire gives me the free­dom to tighten rub­ber-mounted seats and tanks as gen­tly as I like. Oth­er­wise you come back from a ride and the nuts aren’t there any more.”

Ad­mit what’s rub­bish

“The Ja­panese make bet­ter side­stands than Tri­umph, though this bike has an orig­i­nal. And I made an adap­tor to use a Ja­panese fuel tap. Just don’t bother with Bri­tish ones.”

See off oil leaks

Jim’s bikes don’t leak. He claims (with a smile) that it’s be­cause he doesn’t put any oil in. But he does spend a lot of pre-re­build time flat­ting off the mat­ing faces of cas­ings. Maybe that’s got some­thing to do with it...

Wal­nut fin­ish the engine cases

That shiny fin­ish comes from vapour blast­ing, then ag­i­tat­ing in crushed wal­nut shells. “Put a drop of oil on af­ter­wards and it just runs off in­stead of soak­ing in.”

Fit seats prop­erly

“Seats never fit, so you have to make each one fit. Twist it un­til it sits right, and then make brack­ets to suit.”

Have high stan­dards

“For the right-hand carb cover I made three ver­sions un­til I found one I liked. That was about a week’s work, in­clud­ing mak­ing the brack­ets.”

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